About me

Professional Underwater Camera Operator

I have turned my passion for the underwater world into a profession. For more than two decades I’ve immersed myself in the most beautiful seas in the world with my inseparable filmmaking equipment.

My background

Ever since I was a little girl I felt drawn to all the forms of life beneath the surface of the water. I consider myself very lucky as today I can do what I always dreamt of. In 1992 I got my first diving certification and in 1999, I decided to leave Milan to start a new life adventure in the Caribbean Sea.

I moved to Mexico and in a short while, I started working as an underwater camera operator. I have always kept up to date with everything that the film equipment market has to offer, consistently trying to invest in the best quality material.

The acquisition of more knowledge led me to obtain the prestigious Full Cave Diver certification, a universally recognized certification for cave diving, in 2003. To improve my skills as a technical diver, I began my career with the GUE (Global Underwater Explorers) certifications. Thanks to this important certification, I learnt the best equipment configuration, the protocols and techniques for gas management and optimal underwater communication systems. The physical and mental preparation for deep penetration into the cave made me a “complete” underwater camera operator.


My experience in Mexican cenotes

I arrived in the Riviera Maya in 1999 and immediately fell in love with the Mexican cenotes. Its unique ecosystem moved me to such an extent that I decided to study its fascinating history, closely linked to the Mayan culture. I delved into the study of the archaeology, geology and biology of these sites, to the point of becoming an expert underwater camera operator in exploration and filming in underground rivers. Considered by the Maya people as sacred and secret places, the cenotes are wells, often completely flooded, that extend through kilometres. In each dive, it is possible to discover a world that has remained intact for millions of years: an invaluable treasure that, thanks to new underwater technologies, I can explore and show it to the world through my images.

Seen from the outside, the cenotes look like simple mirrors of water, but, when you dive, you enter a dense network of underground caverns: a rare and surprising world.

My future

The Caribbean seas and the Mexican cenotes will always be part of my life because that’s where my great underwater adventure began. I periodically take technical training courses, to continuously improve and keep up to date on the most modern diving techniques. This allows me to do all kinds of dives with maximum security at all times. The incessant experimentation and research into new technologies and the most modern filming techniques allow me to make quality films increasingly more advanced each time. My curiosity and my desire to explore take me to the least known and visited corners of the planet, in search of the most peculiar framing, to bring the most beautiful images of the underwater world to the surface.

If your audio-visual material includes underwater shots, contact me and I will be delighted to be part of your communication project.

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