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About me

I was born near Milan (Italy) and I approached the world of diving in 1992 when I got my first license. From then on I developed a strong passion which made me travel around the world to dive in the most spectacular oceans. Thanks to my love of video shooting and diving in 1999 I changed my life, I left Milan and moved to the Mexican Mayan Riviera. My adoration of the Mexican cenotes was love at first sight; I immediately became a full cave diver, started to film cenotes and wanted to get more information about them: geology, hydrology, biology and Mayan history.

During all these years, I specialized in video shooting using up-to-date technologies and all the most widespread formats in order to improve the quality of my work. I'm currently based in Italy and Mexico but I'm open for assignments all over the world. To see a complete list of my video equipment click here


Video shooting and underwater videos:  My Work

I can provide a wide stock of full HD external and underwater images: sea, nature and cenotes, my great speciality. To see some examples of my high definition videos click here

My collection includes a lot of important work, some at international level, including documentaries, TV reportages and commercials. Here is a list of some of my work:

  • NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC UK - DOCUMENTARY – "Lost Treasures of the Maya Snake Kings"– Underwater Operator
  • SHORT FILM - "VIOLETTA" provisional title - Master Black Production - External Camera Operator Assistant
  • MORADA FILM – DOCUMENTARY - title still to be defined – Underwater operator and DP
  • INSIGNE FILMS - Camilla Jaber Freediving in the Chinchorro Bank México - title still to be defined -– Underwater operator and DP
  • DOCUMENTARY- work in progress - centred on the life of a shepherd and his dog - Personal Project
  • DIGITAL PRESERVATION Project National Geographic USA – Underwater Archeology Directed by Corey Jaskolski and Gulliermo De Anda
  • GREAT MAYAN AQUIFER- Project National Geographic USA and INAH National Institute of Anthropology and History - Underwater operator
  • Filmed for scientific and ecological organizations directed by Will Heyman - Underwater operator
  • PAPALOTE CHILDREN'S MUSEUM Interactive Mesoamerican Reef - Underwater Images
  • TED MEXICO CITY 2016 " The Mayan underground world" Dr. Gulliermo De Anda Underwater Images
  • Interactive History Museum , Bergamo, Italy – DP, External camera operator
  • Iberostar "The Club" Lifestyle – external camera operator
  • La Lomellina Marchese Raggio - Commercial Work - External Camera Operator
  • Gisella Cozzo: "Quando Quando Quando" musical video - External Camera Operator Assistant
  • James Payne: "The Secrets of Extreme Metal Drumming" - Didactic Video - External Camera Operator
  • Iberostar Punta Mita Mexico Lifestyle - External camera operator
  • RAI TV (Italian television): Dreams Road - Underwater Operator
  • National Geographic, "Alianza Kanan Kay" Documentary – Underwater operator
  • National Geographic "Prophecies - Chapter 4"
    Documentary Mayan Underwater Archeology - Underwater operator.
  • IBEROSTAR: commercial work external camera operator
  • Experimental Cinematography Centre of Milan
    External Camera Operators Assistant / Grip:
    Altagamma foundation: Success on your hands
    Booktrailer Arnoldo Mondadori Editore:
    I thought escape with you
    Booktrailer Arnoldo Mondadori Editore: Graffiti Moon
    Federico Borromeo and the Ambrosiana (Historical documentary)
  • TUJ TRAVEL: commercial work - external camera operator
  • CNN International with The Spirit of Nature - Documentary (Becky Anderson) - underwater operator.
  • Sea Studios Foundation with Coral Connections - Documentary - Underwater operator.
  • United Nations Foundation with Friends of world heritage – Underwater operator.
  • Mexico Cave Exploration Projet (Global Underwaterexplores) – Underwater operator.
  • Autonomus university of Yucatan, Underwater Archeology and Anthropological Science Department – Underwater operator.
  • Eurotravel Italy "Diving in the Mexican Cenotes and
    in the Caribbean Reef" – Underwater operator.
  • Fb Design Italy "Nautical Propellants Fiat Iveco" – Underwater operator.
  • Campaign for the promotion and conservation of the Medio Environment and ethical tourism in Holbox island - México – External camera operator.
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